Marketing Support in German-speaking Countries

Localization services and much more


If you need assistance in jumpstarting your sales and marketing efforts in German speaking countries or need continuous support, I’m here to help.

For success abroad, it’s not just having a knowledge of the local language that is important, but it is essential to be in tune with the customs of the country and its people.  Not an easy task, especially if you're not on location and lacking the required knowledge.  

So, if you are looking for business in the DACH-countries (Germany, Switzerland and Austria), this is where I come in by providing you with that missing link.

As a specialist in the geospatial industry, I can provide effective written communications in the German language that will give you a clear advantage.   Even clients in command of the English language will really appreciate receiving pertinent information in their native language.   

Why not just getting information translated?

Firstly, translation does not equate localization.  Localization means, that your message is not only translated but also adapted to the specific tone and content that is familiar to the reader.

Secondly, incorrect translation of specific industry and technical terms gives a poor impression. Many technical terms and industry ‘jargon’ can have a completely different meaning.  It is therefore important that the terms and context are fully understood.

Benefits of working with AS Marketing Services

  • AS Marketing Services will research, engage with and serve as the focal point of contact for the most appropriate media entities. For best results, approved press announcements are sent directly to these titles in their preferred format.
  • Flyers, brochures andadvertisements will be crafted by graphic designers on location to comply with local standards in design and quality as well as your own brand guidelines.
  • Websites also need to follow regional features in terms of content, visual appearance and standard frameworks. Working with specialized business partners, AS Marketing Services can ensure that all these details are taken into consideration.
  • By choosing AS Marketing Services as your commercial partner you will always have a local point of contact, available to you, your customers and media contacts. AS Marketing Services can also help you find appropriate resellers and business partners.

Services in detail

  • Customization of your Internet-Appearance
  • Design and production of brochures and flyers to support sales and marketing
  • Design, content and production of newsletters to clients and business partners
  • Production and distribution of Press Relations in German language
  • Event-support in Europe
  • Act as local point of contact and representation for commercial and media discussions and transactions

 Of course, in case of additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone!


Prerequisites for our collaboration 

The communication between AS Marketing Service and you or your staff needs to be conducted in English, French or Spanish.  Based on your written input in any one of those languages, I can provide you the necessary support across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.